General Information

ICC Austin is a 501c-3 nonprofit housing cooperative located in the heart of central Austin.  We provide affordable housing to university students attending school in Central Texas.  ICC Austin has a total of 188 student members living in nine houses ranging in size from 15-31 members.  Each house is democratically run, and all members contribute labor hours at the house and organizational level to help keep the cost affordable.

We are governed by a Board of Directors made up of four elected officers, one representative from each house, and two community trustees.  Our Board sets the strategic vision for ICC Austin and guides us to make our impact on the world.  To help achieve the vision and to ensure the day-to-day operations run smoothly, ICC Austin operates with three full time professional staff and two part time assistants.

Incorporated in 1970 (with roots dating back to the 1930’s), ICC Austin has a dynamic and rich history. Past members worked hard to build the organization we have now.  And we continue to cooperate on behalf of future members.   We have provided thousands of students with this unique housing opportunity.  ICC Austin is much more than an inexpensive place to live!  We are committed the cooperative principles and values and to social justice.


Our Statement of Purpose

The purpose of ICC Austin is to create a mutually beneficial, diverse and inclusive community so as to promote the transformation of society towards cooperation, justice and non-exploitation.  To achieve this vision, ICC Austin provides affordable housing to students, primarily those who might otherwise be unable to secure a higher education, on a cooperative basis, in an environment that enhances member education, encourages the formation of long lasting communities, and foster responsible citizenship.


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