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Now signing leases for summer and spring 2019-20 semesters openings!

Spring rooms are available to need-based financial aid students only through September 30, 2019. If you don’t receive need-based financial aid, you’ll be added to the waitlist when spring rooms open up on October 1.


ICC Austin Room Availability

If a shared room is designated male or female, this is based on the identity of the member who signed for the room first.  Our standard practice is to assign same-identity roommates.  Any roommate arrangement is fine as long as everyone is comfortable.  Rooms notated with an ADA are on the first floor and are wheelchair/mobility accessible.  Please let our staff know if you have any accommodation needs.





Q: How much does it cost to live at ICC Austin?
A: Monthly payment + 4-6 hours of house labor per week

In addition to a monthly cost-share payment, each ICC Austin member contributes 4-6 hours of house labor per week.  Your monthly cost share includes: rent, utilities, food plus 24-hour kitchen access, internet, limited parking, and co-op educational services.

2019.2020 Academic Year Rates (begin Aug. 1st)

Private Room – $810/month + 4-6 hours/week house labor
Shared Room – $620/month + 4-6 hours/week house labor


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