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We have a few spring vacancies and are still accepting applications for the spring 2020 semester.

Looking for summer or fall 2020 housing? Apply now to get on the waitlist! We will start leasing available rooms starting on February 3, 2020.


ICC Austin Room Availability

If a shared room is designated male or female, this is based on the identity of the member who signed for the room first.  Our standard practice is to assign same-identity roommates.  Any roommate arrangement is fine as long as everyone is comfortable.  Rooms notated with an ADA are on the first floor and are wheelchair/mobility accessible.  Please let our staff know if you have any accommodation needs.





Q: How much does it cost to live at ICC Austin?
A: Monthly payment + 4-6 hours of house labor per week

In addition to a monthly cost-share payment, each ICC Austin member contributes 4-6 hours of house labor per week.  Your monthly cost share includes: rent, utilities, food plus 24-hour kitchen access, internet, limited parking, and co-op educational services.

2020.2021 Academic Year Rates (begin Aug. 1st)

Private Room – $830/month + 4-6 hours/week house labor
Shared Room – $620/month + 4-6 hours/week house labor


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