This is the centralized area for ICC Austin Board Director information. Check here for Board packets, calendar, and director tasking (e.g. surveys, minutes approvals).

Last updated: November 22, 2017

Current Information:

Next Board Meeting
Thursday, November 30th, 6-9 pm
UT Student Union Rm 4.206 (Chicano Cultures Room)

December (Nov 30th), 2017 Board Packet

Due Wednesday, January 17th.

Minutes Review

Draft Board minutes and approval survey

Instructions: First, read the draft minutes. Then, fill out the quick doodle poll. If you have any revisions, send them to Laura (

  1. Draft November 30th Board Meeting Minutes
  2. November 30th Minutes Survey

**If you did not do last month’s Board work, please also complete:

Policy Monitoring

  1. Policy C8 – Governance Investment
  2. Policy D3 – Delegation to the ED

Bylaws Review

  1. Bylaws review document (open for commenting)
  2. Bylaws review survey

Diversity and Inclusivity Survey

Diversity Survey (about diversity in ICC Austin houses)

Board Committees

The ICC Austin Board operates with five committees – two standing and three that are created and dissolved as needed. Our committees exist to do work on behalf of the Board.  Each committee is chaired by a current Board member and committee participation is open to the ICC Austin Membership.

Use the tabs below to access committee information including charter, procedure documentation, and meeting minutes.

If there are any other resources you would like posted for your committee, please notify Laura.




The Executive Coordinating Committee (ECC) exists to provide leadership to, and coordinate the activities of, the Board.  The ECC is compromised of the 4 elected Board Officers and is chaired by the Board President.

The 2017/18 ECC Members are:

Noah Vaughn, President
Roxanne Zech, Vice President
Mila Santana, Secretary
Scott Delhommer, Treasurer

The ECC meets once per month.  The meeting schedule including time and location is posted on the Board calendar.  Meetings are open to the ICC Austin Membership and members are welcome to bring forward ideas and issues.

ECC Committee Charter

ECC Committee Minutes 

March 2nd, 2017


The Audit Committee’s primary responsibility is to oversee the annual audit including selecting an auditor for Board approval.  The committee is chaired by the Board Treasurer with other committee members appointed by the Board.   The Audit Committee is not a standing committee.  It is formed in the spring and dissolved after acceptance of the audit.

The Audit Committee was reformed at the July 2016 Board Meeting.

The Audit for fiscal year 15/16 was conducted by Wegner CPAs.  A complete copy of the audit will provided in the board meeting minutes soon.

Audit Committee Charter

Audit Committee Procedures


The Nominations & Recruitment Committee is responsible for recruiting qualified and competent members to run for Board officer positions and community trustee.  The committee is chaired by the Board Secretary with other committee members appointed by the Board.  NomCom is generally most active during the spring semester.

Nominations & Recruitment Committee Charter

Nominations & Recruitment Committee Procedures

ICC Austin Election Procedures



The General Membership Meeting Committee (GMM) is responsible for planning engaging fall and spring general membership meetings.  GMMs are the official opportunity for all ICC Austin members to come together and embody their cooperative organization.  The GMM Committee is chaired by the Board President and co-chaired by the Vice-President.  The committee is active during the early spring and late summer/early fall.

The Fall 2017 GMM is scheduled for Saturday, October 21.

GMM Committee Charter

GMM Committee Procedures

GMM Committee Meeting Notes


The Committee for Combating Oppression was formed at the November 2015 board meeting. The committee’s primary responsibility is to coordinate Board learning and discussions around inclusivity, equity, and diversity.

Committee for Combating Oppression Charter

Current Board meeting and policy monitoring schedules are in the Board Manual and monthly packet materials


ICC Austin Event Calendar

Diversity, Inclusivity, Race, Economic and Social Justice

Cooperation Among Cooperatives (NASCO and External Engagement)



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