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ICC Austin
2305 Nueces St.
Austin, TX  78705


Monday – Friday from 10:00am to 4:00pm

Phone : 512-476-1957
Fax : 512-476-3904
General Inquiries:


The ICC Austin Office shares space inside New Guild Co-op.  Our office door is located on Nueces Street.  An accessible entrance is available on 23rd Street (through New Guild’s front door).   A 24 hour payment drop box is located to the right of the main office door.









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Ashleigh R. Lassiter, Executive Director :

Laura J. Khalil, Cooperative Experience Director :

Billy Thogersen, Operations Manager :

Chris Hegar, Facilities Manager :

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Board of Directors

To email the entire Board :


Board Officers

President, Lain Jackson :

Vice President, Julia Mitchell :

Secretary, Susana Lugo :

Treasurer, Ben Ayik :

All Officers:

Board Committees

Audit Committee :

General Membership Meeting Committee  :

Nominations & Recruitment Committee :

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Here is the contact information for our houses.  The house email is routed to the Membership Officer who is responsible for coordinating tours and visits to the house.  Email is the only form of communication with the houses.  We cannot give out member phone numbers.   If you do not hear back from someone within a week, please contact our Membership Director.   Information current as of January 30, 2018.



Arrakis Co-op
2212 Pearl St.
Austin, TX  78705
Email: ar-membership @


Membership OfficerKaitlin
Board RepresentativeWill
Maintenance OfficerJesse
Labor CzarGerritt
Kitchen ManagerJulie & Dessa
Education OfficerMia


Avalon Co-op
3000 University
Austin, TX  78705
Email: av-membership @

Membership OfficerAaaron
Board RepresentativeKiara
Maintenance OfficerJoel
Labor CzarCaroline
Kitchen ManagerAnna & Michelle
Education OfficerSam


Eden House Co-op
1910 Rio Grande
Austin, TX  78705
Email: ed-membership @

Membership OfficerQuin
Board RepresentativeOlivia
Maintenance OfficerTaka
Labor CzarCorley
Kitchen ManagerAshley
Education OfficerNick & Olivia


French House Co-op
710 W 21st Street
Austin, TX  78704
Email: fr-membership @

Membership OfficerAmanda
Board RepresentativeTabea
Maintenance OfficerSean
Labor CzarEna
Kitchen ManagerKhristian
Education OfficerGrace


Helios Co-op
1909 Nueces Street
Austin, TX  78705
Email: he-membership @

Membership OfficerMorgan
Board RepresentativeMorgan
Maintenance OfficerJohn
Labor CzarChris
Kitchen ManagerJohn
Education OfficerSabrina & Hannah


House of Commons Co-op
2610 Rio Grande
Austin, TX  78705
Email: hoc-membership @

Membership OfficerJoel
Board RepresentativeMatt
Maintenance OfficerLydia
Labor CzarSuzuka
Kitchen ManagerLily
Education OfficerEric


New Guild Co-op
510 W 23rd Street
Austin, TX  78705
Email: ng-membership @

Membership OfficerJulie
Board RepresentativeIeva
Maintenance OfficerJessica
Labor CzarDevan
Kitchen ManagerEvan & Sandy
Education OfficerGeorge & Alaya


Royal Co-op
1805 Pearl Street
Austin, TX  78701
Email: ro-membership @

Membership OfficerShannon
Board RepresentativeSusana
Maintenance OfficerSusana
Labor CzarZach
Kitchen ManagerMila
Education OfficerBailey & Josephine



Seneca Falls Co-op
2309 Nueces Street
Austin, TX  78705
Email: sf-membership @

Membership OfficerAnnie
Board RepresentativeBrenna
Maintenance OfficerLuca
Labor CzarRachel
Kitchen ManagerPhilip
Education OfficerNatalia & Philip

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