Student housing cooperatives date back to 1873 but truly began to thrive during the Great Depression.  The first housing cooperative in Austin was Halstead which opened in 1936 as an all-women’s co-op.   ICC’s roots date back to 1930’s when the Inter-Cooperative Council was formed as a student organization of the University of Texas.  The group existed to help coordinate the efforts of both on and off campus cooperatives, which at their height, consisted of over 30 houses.


In 1969, as more and more off campus co-ops started to fold and tensions rose between the University, ICC began to consider incorporating.  With the efforts of Ernie Eden, ICC successfully became a non-profit corporation in January of 1970. Then between 1972-1975 ICC purchased what is now French House, Helios, New Guild, Seneca, Arrakis and Royal.

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