ICC Austin operates nine co-op houses, each with 15-31 members. Each house community has its own unique culture and varies in terms of size, location, food preference (vegetarian, vegan, meat), policies, student age (lower-division, upper-division, graduate), and overall atmosphere.  The best way to discover which house community is right for you is to visit the house in person!

ICC Austin has open membership for any qualified student.  However, each house community requires new members to complete an education process.  The process varies by house but may include having dinner, taking a tour, cooking dinner, attending a house meeting and having a Skype interview.  This is not a member selection process.   The new member process is an opportunity for you to ensure the house community and culture are a good fit for YOU.  We want you to be happy and comfortable in your new home.

Take time to explore each house page.  Pick your favorites and email the house membership officer to schedule a visit.  Looking for current vacancies?  Go here!


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