2212 Pearl St., Austin TX 78705

The Basics Of Our House

Total number of Members : 20
Private Rooms : 10
Shared Rooms : 5
Pet Policy : Pets allowed with house vote
House Meals : Omnivorous

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Our namesake ‘Arrakis’ is a throwback to the 1970s cult-classic, science-fiction novel ‘Dune’. While our house doesn’t have any gigantic sandworms, Arrakis Co-op does pride itself in being one of ICC Austin’s most diverse houses. We identify as an inclusive melting pot to students with a wide variety of backgrounds, beliefs and viewpoints. We welcome hippies, conservatives, LGBTQ, introverts, extroverts – all perspectives are welcome as long as you have an open mind and can be accepting of a wide variety of cultures. At Arrakis, everyone has an equal say in making our home a great place to live; we share equally in chores and house decision-making. Not only does this keep the cost sharing low, it also empowers our members to shape the community in which they live. We’re home to graduate students and undergrads, international students and home-grown Austinites. In short, we are a mixed and dynamic bunch of co-opers. Arrakis is in the heart of UT west campus with many other student housing co-ops only a block or two away which encourages great parties and good company.



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