House Of Commons

2610 Rio Grande St. Austin, TX 78705

The Basics Of Our House

Total number of Members : 27
Private Rooms : 15
Shared Rooms : 6
Pet Policy : Pets allowed with house vote
House Meals : Vegan

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House of Commons is a 21-bedroom housing cooperative located in the “West Campus” area of Austin, a few blocks from The University of Texas at Austin main campus. The house has a capacity of 27 residents, with 15 single occupancy and 6 double occupancy rooms.

Meals are always vegan, with no vegetarian or meat options, and the house strives to purchase food which is organically and locally grown when possible, while still trying to keep the house affordable and accommodating. Much of our food comes straight from our organic garden. Meat is not allowed on the property, though members may purchase their own animal products such as cheese, eggs, honey or milk if they wish.

HOC has an eclectic and diverse house culture and has held a reputation for being a little “different” from the other houses in ICC. Members come from all kinds of backgrounds, lifestyles, and have a variety of interests, but we are united by our collective values of anti-oppression, social justice and cooperation. HOC is a intersectional feminist house, accepting and cherishing people of all identities and expressions. We strive to make the house an empowering safe space, especially for marginalized persons. The house is also clothing optional and supports body positivity. HoC strives to maintain a house culture which discourages hate speech, harassment and sexism, while fostering an educational environment for constructive and communal growth.

HOC houses undergraduate, international, and graduate students.As a cooperative, the house provides a social structure that cannot be found in places such as dorms and apartments. Housework, aka “House Love”, is shared, which allows us to exist as a community and provide affordable housing. All major decisions involving the house are made using a system of modified consensus, allowing all members to participate in the decision-making process.

Facilities include a commercial-grade kitchen, large dining and living common areas, a pool, cabled and wireless network access with ethernet ports available in all bedrooms and main common areas, a business class internet connection, a laundry room with commercial washers and dryers, limited vehicle parking, a rooftop sundeck, a spacious front porch, a zen garden with a fire pit and a beautiful and abundant herb and vegetable garden. The house has central heating and window AC units in each bedroom. Guns are not allowed on house property.




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