Ruth Schulze – Coming Fall 2020!

915 W 22nd St., Austin, TX 78705

The Basics Of Our House

ICC Austin is excited to announce the opening of our newest house – Ruth Schulze!

The house is currently under construction and is scheduled to open in August 2019.

Ruth Schulze Application Process

  1. Complete the general ICC Austin application available here.
  2. Complete the Ruth Schulze application.

Total number of Members : 34
Private Rooms : 16
Shared Rooms : 9
Pet Policy : No pets allowed.
House Theme: Academic Focused & Substance Free

Community Vision

Ruth Schulze Co-op provides students with a supportive academic, living and learning environment where members commit to maintaining a substance free lifestyle while at home.  The community strives to foster an environment of respect and understanding while promoting the health and well-being of its members in all aspects of life.

A Substance Free Community

Ruth Schulze will open as a substance-free community.  Our goal is to provide a cooperative community that is accessible and welcoming to students who do not want to live in environment with substance use.  All members will be asked to sign a substance free commitment agreement.  

Substance Free Commitment

Members who chose to live in a substance free environment do so for a variety of reasons including health, personal values, family influence, and impact by addiction and recovery in family, friends’ and/or one’s own life.

Members who decide to call Ruth Schulze Co-op their home commit to the following agreements.

  • Members agree not to use or possess alcohol, tobacco products*, or any illicit/illegal drugs in any space within the house or on house grounds. 
  • If a member chooses to consume substances while off the premises, respect for the community must be maintained and behavior upon returning home must not negatively impact the community or any individual member.  
  • Members agree to hold each other accountable and will follow ICC Austin’s conflict resolution process to confront any member who is in violation of the substance free policy.
  • Members understand that violation of the substance free policy may result termination of the member resident agreement.
    *Tobacco products may be kept in a member’s possession but may not be used in the house or on house grounds.

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