Being a Member in ICC Austin grants certain rights and entails certain responsibilities. Each member accepts responsibility to be active in their community – both at the house and organization levels.  This includes, though not limited to, participating in democratic co-management, adequately and consistently performing labor duties, making a good faith effort to keep the houses running effectively, and making a reasonable effort to get along with other members.

While members are expected to uphold their responsibilities, it is the organization’s responsibility to ensure that members have the adequate resources needed to fulfill their obligations.  This includes training and education, documentation of processes, and written policies and procedures.

To that end, the ICC Austin Board of Directors has established a list of Member Rights & Responsibilities.  This list, taken into consideration with the entirety of the ICC Austin Bylaws, Board policies and other operational policies, is a key part of the “cooperative difference” – that is, how ICC Austin really differs from other types of student housing.  Member rights and responsibilities are key to achieving the ICC Austin ENDS of providing housing on a cooperative basis encouraging the formation of long-lasting communities.


ICC Austin Members have a right:


ICC Austin Members have a responsibility:


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