ICC Austin is nonprofit organization that provides affordable housing to students on a cooperative basis.  We operate nine houses with a total of 188 members. Each ICC Austin house offers a unique community environment.  We are an open membership organization and welcome all students in Central Texas! We invite you to explore our website.  Take time to learn about the organization and our house communities to ensure this will be a good living environment for you.

ICC Austin is much more than an inexpensive place to live, though we are very affordable! Living in a cooperative house is a unique and empowering opportunity that will enhance your college experience. Cooperative living requires responsibility, commitment, tolerance and most importantly open and honest communication. So what does cooperative mean?  We’re glad you asked!

Cooperative Living

Cooperation – noun –  the process of working together to the same end

When you move into an ICC Austin house, it becomes your home.  You and the other 14-30 members living in your house will work together to create an environment that you, collectively, want to live in.  This is accomplished through establishing house leadership, attending house meetings and contributing labor hours.

Every ICC Austin member contributes 5-6 hours of labor to the community each week.  Labor duties may consist of cooking, cleaning, yard work, and serving as a house leader just to name a few.  By working together, we save money and conserve resources.   There is no need for you to buy your own pots and pans, shop every week, buy living room furniture, cook every day, etc.  These are just some of the advantages of cooperative living!

Each ICC Austin house community is autonomous and operates with its own set of rules and house policies.  The communities adhere to the 7 cooperative principles including principle #2 : Democratic member control.  One member = one vote.  House meetings are where you decide how you want to live.   Unlike a dorm or apartment, you are intimately involved with the decision making at your house!


Because you manage the majority of day-to-day operations at your house and because there is no landlord making a profit, ICC Austin is one of the most affordable options in the central Austin area.  Your monthly payment includes rent, food and all utilities (water, gas, electric and internet).


“My experience in co-ops has taught me to deal with people from different backgrounds. Arguing with people effectively will be a skill for the rest of my life. (I am still working on it though, most arguments don’t end pretty). My favorite thing about coops is the delicious and healthy food we can make. The location and price are just givens.” – Arrakis

“I love my Co-op because it’s my home! I sleep here, I eat here, but I really do live here. Co-ops are amazing to me because they really do teach a wide variety of people to live together and create a functioning home. We share the chores, we eat around the table, we hang out together, and we help each other when we need it. I can definitely say that living in a Co-op and has affected my life and my viewpoint far more than living in an apartment ever could.”  – Eden House

“I LOVE my co-op. My co-op is more than the place I live. It’s the people I live with. Moving into my house put me with 14 complete strangers who quickly became some of my favorite people. Co-opers are extremely friendly people. We do everything together. From political rallies, to parties, plays and art exhibits, our house is active together. When I see them on campus, there’s always a wave and a smile. There’s always someone around to have fun with. There’s always someone around to do homework with. I feel like I am really a part of something wonderful.”  -Eden House

“If I won the lottery, I’d still live in French House. The co-op is a completely unique living situation and incredibly gratifying experience that money just can’t buy. Rent notwithstanding.”  – French House

“I lived in ICC for four years, and in my time there I grew more than I ever have in any one place. It was the freedom of expression and the acceptance of my fellow co-opers which allowed me to become the person who was burgeoning to come out inside. To any searcher who’s wanting to grow, I would strongly recommend ICC as a living option. It is the only college living where you can be who you are, become who you want, and along the way, have an excellent time.” – Former ICC Member

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