New Guild

510 W 23rd St., Austin, TX 78705

The Basics Of Our House

Total number of Members : 31
Private Rooms : 15
Shared Rooms : 8
Pet Policy : Pets allowed with house vote
House Meals : Omnivorous w/ veg option

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New Guild is the largest of the nine houses owned by ICC Austin. We also have the largest common spaces available including a media room for movie/game nights. Our backyard is equipped with a trampoline, fire pit, and the world famous “Turkey Saloon”, our partially covered, elevated porch. New Guild houses up to 31 members in 23 rooms. All members are required to do 4-5 hours of labor a week, which ranges from cooking dinner to cleaning floors to being a house officer. We maintain a fully stocked commercial kitchen and serve dinners 5 nights a week. We’re an omnivorous house with a vegetarian option (no vegan option).




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