Royal House

1805 Pearl St., Austin TX 78701

The Basics Of Our House

Total number of Members : 17
Private Rooms : 5
Shared Rooms : 6
Pet Policy : Pets allowed with house vote
House Meals : Vegan

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Royal is a 17-member co-op located in the quiet neighborhood of Judges Hill just south of West Campus. It is equal distance between UT and Austin Community College’s Rio Grande Campus, making it a convenient choice for students attending either school. Royal is home to both undergrad and graduate students, allowing for a community rich in diverse perspectives. Royal serves vegan dinners Sunday through Thursday and boasts a kitchen fully stocked with vegan products, but, unlike House of Commons, members are also allowed to bring in animal products provided they keep them in a separate refrigerator. Royals have a great variety of dietary preferences— from vegan to omnivore. Members at Royal take pride in keeping the house clean. Five labor hours are required of all members to keep the house clean and running properly. Pets are allowed by house vote— the house is currently home to four feline Royals and one canine Royal. Royal is an inclusive community, welcoming to people of all backgrounds.

The house was built in 1927 and has old bones, but the sun-filled rooms are imbued with a charming character both by those who have lived here and any who have passed through to join in conversation and cooperation. Royal has a large backyard, roof sundeck, and second-floor balcony which often become spots for house members and friends to meet up and study or relax. It is not uncommon for members to gather in the living room and study together. It’s room’s are very spacious, each having great natural light and a unique shape and layout. The house itself is as eclectic as its members, often playing host to a populace from large variety of origins, educations, and perspectives.




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