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We provide quality, affordable, and healthy cooperative housing for students with financial need.

Who we are & what we do


ICC Austin provides affordable, all-inclusive housing that is centered around our values of community, equity, and cooperation. We believe in working collaboratively and collectively to foster environments where our members can thrive as students, as people, and as a community.

Through a unique combination of group living and cooperative mentorship, our members learn to democratically manage their home and build healthy, inclusive communities that support and encourage diversity. We provide regular trainings and leadership opportunities in areas such as conflict resolution, racial equity, collective care, and more!

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We actively strive to build an environment where everyone of any race, ethnicity, class, age, religion, sexual orientation, gender identity, weight, height, accessibility needs, or country of origin feels welcomed and seen.

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We actively and intentionally work to challenge and disrupt existing power inequities and structures – recognizing that they are racially-based. 

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We believe in the value of working collaboratively and collectively – achieving together what may not be possible alone.


“College can be really hard; physically, emotionally, intellectually. The co-op gave me a community of people to help me find myself and support me through both the best and hardest times of my life.”

– Juniper, House of Commons


Arrakis Housing Community - ICC Austin


2212 Pearl St.

Helios Housing Community - ICC Austin


1909 Nueces St.

New Guild Housing Community - ICC Austin

New Guild

510 W 23rd St.

Eden Housing Community - ICC Austin


1910 Rio Grande St.

Seneca Falls Housing Community - ICC Austin

House of Audre Lorde

2309 Nueces St.

Royal House Housing Community - ICC Austin

Royal House

1805 Pearl St.

French House Housing Community - ICC Austin

French House

710 W 21st St.

House of Commons Housing Community - ICC Austin

House of commons

2610 Rio Grande St.

Ruth Schulze Housing Community - ICC Austin

Ruth schulze

915 W 22nd St.

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We provide quality, affordable, and healthy cooperative housing for students with financial need.

2305 Nueces Street

Austin, TX 78705


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